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A Girl Who Loves Motorcycles


It's all about me! me! me!
No, actually it's not, thankfully I am not some self centered Bimbo. But it is about Me, Scott Sherman, Motorcycles, My Friends, Dobermans, Books, and The Hayden Bros....... These are my favorite subjects, my life almost revolves around each of these. I spend my days almost in a dream world thinking about them and most of my friends thinks I am almost commitable.

I have moved to Phoenix to start living my dream. I graduate MMI, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, November 22, 2006. I have moved from Kentucky to Texas to Phoenix this year. I miss everyone back home, but I miss Austin, TX the most. I hope to go back there one day and stay forever. I also became a calendar girl this year. The cover and Miss October. Check me out at http://www.cafepress.com/svrider . I love my motorcycle.
My motorcyle became apart of my life in March 2005. My mom went ape shit. Our steamy love affair is very very far from over.


What's New?

Crystal and Jaime got married!!!
Lindsay and Chris are engaged now no date set.
I have finally made some friends here in Phoenix. I go to school with them all and I hope that I have created friendships that will last longer than our time at school. Bryan was my first friend at school. He has helped me fix my motorcycle and lend a man's hand when needed. Thanks Bryan! Matt. He is the coolest southern boy I have met yet! His fiance's name is Suzanne too! And he is great at helping me hold my head out of the toilet!! Lynn! She is the coolest!!!! I am looking forward to riding with her and definetly going out too! The Derricks. One Derrick is from Texas and one is from Arkansas. They are very funny and cool to hang with. And Nick. He is my squid.. I like to tease him about that. I hope he knows I just tease. I like his surprise riding with me on I17 in the mornings going to school. And he is also great at making sure I don't fall face first in the toilet!
Good luck guys, I hope to see you all after MMI.

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